Long-term Care Planning

Longevity Increases Need

Modern health technology is helping the average United States citizen live a longer life. This extended longevity is increasing the likelihood a person will need long term care services at some point during their life. In addition to Alzheimer’s and dementia, there are other degenerative diseases such as obesity, diabetes, stroke, heart problems, cancer, and Parkinson’s disease, as well as accidents and injuries resulting in conditions such as bone fractures, which may all create the need for long-term care services. Long-term care insurance can help pay for the cost of caring for those conditions, so you will have peace of mind knowing you are protected if it were to happen to you.

Long-Term Care Planning from a Published Author, Certified Estate Planner and Registered Financial Consultant

If you are concerned about funding your long-term care needs, schedule a free consultation with Greg Miller, a Certified Estate Planner and Registered Financial Consultant. Greg is a locally-known educator and facilitator in Pittsburgh, providing educational seminars on long-term care, financial, tax and estate planning. His unwavering principles and dedication to his clients has earned him The 5-Star Wealth Manager award twice. He is also one of the very few financial advisors in the Western Pennsylvania area with a perfect A+ BBB rating.

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